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By drscott
May 01, 2012
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Hi everyone,

With the warmer weather come the fun beverages we all love. They are refreshing and necessary to stay hydrated when it is hot. One thing that is important to remember that sipping on a sugary beverage can lead to nasty cavities.

I hate to be a wet blanket, but if you sip all day you will get decay. Most people never truly understand the cause until it is too late and they are sitting in my chair getting one or more holes fixed. So here it goes, my; “where cavities come from speech”.

Bacteria cause cavities because they make acid as a byproduct of their digestion of food. Guess what? They eat the same things as we do, because they live in our mouth. The only difference is they are really small, so eating a Tic Tac is a holiday feast for them. They produce acid for about 20 minutes. This dissolves away some calcium from your tooth for the next 20 minutes. If you put absolutely nothing in your mouth for the next 2 hours your saliva will replace the lost calcium. Problem solved!

What if you put some more sugary food in your mouth before 2 hours? Well, then you loose some more enamel. If you keep snacking or sipping then you never give your saliva a chance to replace the calcium in your tooth. It is a lot like a negative cash flow situation on a charge card. You never get the principal paid off. With your tooth the result is a hole we call a cavity.

Foods and beverages that contain citric acid eat away the enamel the fastest. Click on the link: ENAMEL DESTRUCTION CHART in the front page of my web site for a list of the offending beverages. There are safer alternatives you can choose. They are on the left of the graph.

Happy summer and enjoy water all day.

Dr. Scott

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