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September 11, 2013
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CAMBRA? What does that grouping of letters mean to you? Is it the tension on the strings of a bow? Is it the sound a tenor drum makes when hit? Is it the newest of designer names you should name your next child?

Well, no. It is the acronym for: Caries Management By Risk Assessment. It is a process that was developed to help assess and lower a patient’s susceptibility for getting future cavities. It started in New Zealand about 10 years ago. Then the California Dental Society picked up on it and it has spread from there.

Cavities do not just happen. There is always a reason we get a cavity in a certain place at a certain time. In the old days you dentist would just say you have 3 cavities and we will need one hour to fix them. Now a CAMBRA dentist may say; You have 3 cavities and what has changed in your life? If we just spend a few minutes, we can usually figure out why you got the cavity.

What is surprising is that very few dentists are thinking in a CAMBRA way. The old school philosophy is to just “drill and fill”. In my nearly 3 years of teaching at the University of Michigan I have seen the students go from the old way to the new way. Each student now must make a caries risk assessment on every patient. If the patient is at risk for current or future cavities then they will get the patient the necessary goodies to lower their susceptibility to dental decay.

Here in lowly Grand Blanc, I have been using CAMBRA for over 6 years. I was first taught to perform a risk assessment on our patients by my mentor, John Kois back in 2007. He taught me to assess patient’s risks in all areas of oral health not just caries. So, if you get a cavity, expect me to start asking questions. Answer a few questions vs. drill and fill. Who would not be up for that!

Yours for oral health,

Dr. Ibrahim Jarjoura


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